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Mary Mac

Well, I know a little girl ... her name is Mary Mac,
Now make no mistake - she's a girl I can attract!
There're lots of other fellas tryin' to get up on 'er track,
But I'm thinkin' that they'll have t' get up early!

CHORUS: Mary Mac's father's makin' Mary Mac marry me;
My father's makin' me marry Mary Mac;
I've got t' marry Mary, 'f I wan' Mary to take care o' me;
We'll all be makin' merry when I marry Mary Mac!

Well, this little lass, she's got a lot o' class,
She's got a lot o' brass, 'er father thinks that I'm a gas!
An' I'd be a silly ass, if I let the matter pass.
'Er father thinks I suit 'er rather fairly!


Well, Mary an' 'er mother go 'n awful lot together.
In fact, you rarely ever see th' one without the other
An' there's lots o' people wonder if it's Mary, or her mother,
Or th' two o' them together that I'm courtin'.


We'll marry on a Monday, when everything's arranged;
We're lookin' for a place; our final list, it might be changed,
And we're makin' all arrangements, just about th' range:
Marriage is an awful undertakin'!


It will be a grand affair! (Grander than th' Faire!)
With a coach an' a horseman for everyone that's there,
An' we'll dine on th' finest fare; I'm sure to get my share!
An' if you doubt, you surely are mistaken!

CHORUS "Wanna try it fast?" "No ... "

CHORUS - Presto!

Copyright 2006