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Florida (Bergen)

Its that time of year again, for us to venture down to TY Park in Hollywood for the Camelot Days Medieval Festival.

This year, we get 2 full weekends of Medieval life to relive. Thats twice as much time to enjoy your favorite shows, eat some delicious medieval food, and browse the wonderful selection of crafts and goods from all over!

We hope to see you all there. Feel free to come by and say hi to us at The Hanseatic League
When:2011-11-12, November 12-13 & 19-20, 2011
10:00am 5:30pm

3300 N. Park Rd.
Hollywood, FL 33024

Featured Talent:Live Human Chess, Stage Shows, Magic, Comedy, Music, Games and much more!

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Contact:Camelot Days

Camelot Days - starts Nov 12, 2011

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