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Welcome, friends; come sit, the fire is warm and the beer is cold.

You may be wondering just what a pub-sing is...and why does it need its own .com, anyway. A pub-sing is defined, by us anyway, as a time and place where friends gather to eat, drink, be merry, and revel in each other's company; often accompanied by song, dance, and laughter. As for the .com, our local pub-sing was so popular we decided to encourage others to participate.

Inside our fine establishment you will find listings for our own pub-sings as well as those in other parts of the country, a listing of pubs and taverns offering the fine tradition of pub-sings as well as bands, musicians, and other acts that are willing to perform at a pub-sing. If you'd like your event, pub, or act to be listed, please submit an application; the webmistress will get back to you.

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